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5 Main Causes for Drain Backups and How to Avoid Them

If you have experienced clogs in the pipes or your sewer line, you may have also wondered: what are the main causes that lead to these Drain Backups?

Daily, companies like Instadrain Inc. deal with different sewer lines emergencies in a home or even commercial premises, as drain clogs are one of the most common problems in the Edmonton area. 

That’s why we detail the 5 Main Causes of Drain Backups in the pipes and sewer lines. This way, they can be identified and resolved as quickly as possible.

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Cause #1: Clogs and Blockages (Grease, Non-Paper Products, etc).

One of the most common causes of drain backups is food debris such as grease, oil, rice grains, pasta, oat flakes, fruit seeds, and even hair strands.

These wastes and food debris tend to accumulate in the drain over time if it is not regularly cleaned, causing clogs.

In order to unclog this type of blocked pipe, the better solution is to call an experienced drain cleaner to diagnose the problem and provide a deep drain cleaning.  

Cause #2: Tree Roots in Sewer Lines.

Since sewer lines are subway pipes, they are close to roots and rock structures.

As roots strive for a source of water and nutrients, the moisture in the soil generated by the pipes is a prime attraction.

Roots can not only cause cracks or water leaks as they pass through the pipe network but can also grow internally into the pipe network, causing clogged and blocked drains.

Instadrain Inc. as a Professional Drain Liner Installation Company has had several similar cases of root clogging in the Edmonton Area.

Therefore, the solution we offer for this type of clog is to cut the root, repair the pipe if there is a crack and install a liner to provide strength and prevent root intrusion.

Cause #3: Old Sewer Line System.

The old and outdated pipes are more prone to damage, which can cause cracks and leaks, making it easier for invasive weeds and tree roots to enter.

Whenever these types of natural growth get into your pipes, clogs are created, and sewage will eventually enter your home.

If you have this type of problem, you should call a Drain Liner Installation Company like Instadrain Inc.

Cause #4: Cracked Sewer Pipe.

The poor quality and type of material (cast iron and clay) from which some pipes are made increases the likelihood of damage and cracks throughout the structure.

Therefore, clogs can sometimes be caused by the pipe itself deteriorating. 

In this situation, it is advisable to turn to pipe rehabilitation and lining service to replace it with a more resistant material that is resistant to external damage.

Cause #5: Sagged Pipes

The pressure of the fluids and the continued deformation or wear of a pipe leads to the collapse of the whole network and subsequently the entry of sewage. 

In these cases, it is always advisable to replace the pipe. In addition, install support that does not allow future collapses and place a liner in order to provide added strength and firmness.

We hope you’ve learned about these 5 main drain backup causes from this article. If your clogging problem is too complicated to solve and you need a Drain Liner Installation Company near you, you can contact us.